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Agricultural Parts - Sugar Cane

In our agricultural parts division, we have implemented a sector devoted to the supply of parts for sugar cane harvesters, of the makes John Deere and Case. As the world’s largest sugar cane producer, Brasil has today about 4000 such machines in operation, working round the clock under severe conditions during the harvesting season.Some manufacturers in Brasil produce parts for the various models of sugar cane harvesters in our country, such as Case 7000 and 7700 and John Deere CH-3510, CH-3520 and CH-3522, Cameco and Santal. These are high turn over parts, such as bearings, buffers, spacers, pinions, gears, adapters, couplings, sprockets, cylinders, shafts, rods, cutter bars, floors, roller arms, cowls, chopper blades, cutting blades, westage sheets, deflectors, discs, etc.

These parts are normally ordered by their OEM numbers. We have over 15000 references in our system, all available at our web site for on-line inquiries. Shipments can be made by ocean, air or by courier on emergency orders.Quick replies, expeditious quotations and shipments, consolidation of parts made by several manufacturers into one global single consignment, savings on freight, banking and clearing costs, fair prices and exclusive handling by one person from our staff are some of the advantages we offer our clients.

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