Automotive Parts - Trucks and Buses
Agricultural Parts - Grains and Forrage
Agricultural Parts - Sugar Cane
Construction parts - off road earth moving

Foreign Trade

We can offer your company all the experience achieved along our 16 year tradition in international business.

• Market research and evaluation;
• Clients’ prospecting;
• Quotations, negotiations and orders taking;
• Production monitoring and delivery coordination;
• Shipment;
• Issuance of shipping documents;
• Hiring of logistics services;
• Export customs clearance;

• Evaluation of landed costs for imports;
• Customs tariff classification;
• Negotiations with foreign suppliers and ordering;
• Issuance of licenses;
• Analysis of shipping documents;
• Hiring of logistics services;
• Payment of duties and customs clearance for imports;

Logistics and transport
Through partnerships we have made with companies in all areas of ocean, air, road and courier transport, as well as brokers, we have been able offer fair rates and efficiently carry out purchases and sales from the simple collection of goods ex-works and their delivery to embarkation ports, all the way through to clients’ door, both on exports as well as on imports.

Commercial representation
Apart from our own exports, we also represent companies in Brasil for direct exports to overseas clients. We handle all exports procedures and paperwork, relieving their staff to dedicate their time to other manufacturing activities.

Below is a profile of each of the companies we represent:

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